Cobra XRS 9770 Review

by admin on March 18, 2013

The Cobra XRS 9770 is a higher-end Cobra radar detector. It features a DigiView Data Display and an 8-point electronic compass with a sleek and sophisticated look to give you complete peace of mind on the road. Since it’s able to detect 15 radar/laser bands – it’s pretty impressive. Plus, it’s packed with one of the most cutting-edge advance warning systems in the industry.

cobra xrs 9770


  • 360-degree detection and over 15 different signals that it detects so you’re covered from all angles at all times.
  • Digital text display that’s very easy to read, but there’s also an option for a voice alert function if you’re driving and can’t afford to take your eyes off the road.
  • Newly released feature called IntelliShield that acts to protect against false signal alerts. It has the best false signal rejection in all different areas.
  • Spectre and VG-2 Alert so the you’ll know when you’re being clocked or under surveillance.
  • Select between city and highway mode so that you can reduce the frequency of false signals when driving.


  • Highly sophisticated and sensitive unit, but it is also intuitive to use and simple to set up. That kind of combination doesn’t come standard in many radar detectors.
  • You can mount it on the dashboard. This makes it a breeze to set up in your car.
  • There are lots of features built in to reduce false alerts.
  • Picks up police laser and/or radar guns that are blocks away – giving you plenty of time to avert disaster. It’s very precise when it comes to finding radars and lasers anywhere in your proximity, even if they’re not present in the direction you’re traveling.
  • Screen is easy to read in bright daylight, however you can use the blackout feature which goes dark after a preset period of time, but it will light back up when there’s a radar signal.


  • According to reviews, some consumers have complained that it doesn’t work right out of the box. Other customers have complained that I stops working after a short period of time.
  • Some users have said that it dies after a number of months and that it won’t restart when you plug it back in.


Overall, the Cobra XRS 9770 is one of the higher-end models that does function well and can help you avoid costly citations. It’s a great investment for keeping your insurance rates since you can easily avoid traffic stops when putting it to proper use.

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Ken L. June 19, 2014 at 10:58 am

I’ve owned the Cobra XRS 9770 for a couple years and I’m very happy with it. A good example of its sensitivity involves one of those portable RADAR trailers that shows your speed as you approach it. One day I went to run errands and my detector went off and displayed a strong signal.. I know where the CHP likes to hide in an effort to catch people blowing through a particular stop sign a block from my home so I looked; no CHP. I was stumped. Looking both ways as far as I could see down this fairly straight road, I saw nothing that could cause it. This went on for a couple days until I needed to drive further down the road than normal. There was the trailer, between 3/4 and one mile from my street and facing away from my street. I frequently travel between Sacramento and Reno on I80. There’s always plenty of Highway Patrol. Thanks to the XRS 9770, I know where all the speed traps are. I use the detector as more of a reminder to watch my speed than anything else. Let’s face it, it’s real easy to accidentally speed on some of the down hill sections and instead of focussing on legitimate dangerous drivers, the Highway Patrol likes to sit at these spots where we’re watching traffic closer than we’re watching the speedometer. I think they should adopt the motto “Why work hard to catch the very dangerous drivers when we can hide at the bottom of long steep hills and screw the people who, other than gaining a few MPH on a long steep hill, are model drivers”. Just a FYI, no I haven’t a ticket in a long time I’ve never been one of the people I just described. It just frustrates me because I see this happen so often that I’ve just lost respect for the CHP.


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