Escort RedLine Review

by admin on January 5, 2013

The Escort RedLine is one of the most sensitive detectors online. It provides full X, K, SuperWide Ka and Safety Warning System radar capabilities making it one of the bestsellers in the market today. It has exclusive AutoMode which can filter false alarms more efficiently.

escort redline

Features of the Escort RedLine

  • Is light but will outperform other laser and radar detectors with its Dual Antennae Design
  • TotalShield technology that will make you invisible to almost all radar detectors
  • Will provide separate alerts for all kind of radar and laser intrusions
  • AutoMode that will reduce false alarms
  • Mute and AutoMute features
  • Ultra-Bright text display
  • Safety Warning System
  • Comes with an owner’s manual, quick reference card, quick-release windshield mount, suction cups , travelling case and a coiled SmartCord
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • This is a long-range radar and laser detector that every car should have if you are looking for the most convenient way to protect yourself from over speeding on the road.
  • Will help you prevent over speeding even when cops are still several blocks away. This device will also allow you to control your speed and to slow down just in time before you approach cops.
  • The Escort RedLine is easy to use and very easy to set up you can even save your settings. This makes driving easier and more comfortable knowing that you can use a dependable detector every time.
  • This radar and laser detector will allow you to monitor intrusions even at night with its convenient ultra bright text display.
  • The travelling case is very convenient especially when you will be using another car or a rental. The suction cups and mounting bracket makes it easy to use in any kind of car.

The unit is very sensitive and even when it promises superior reduction of false alarms it can still goes off time and again especially when you are travelling in a very busy road. The lack of GPS system is also a disadvantage; the price is also very expensive making it a less practical choice for an everyday laser and radar system.

Final Thoughts
The Escort RedLine is a system that will truly help protect you in any kind of road environment. It is ultra sensitive and will even keep you in touch of laser or radar detectors even when the cops are still blocks away providing you adequate time to slow down or stop. The price is extremely expensive which is why it is less preferred by most practical motorist on the road. With the price, it should have other impressive features like a GPS system.

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